Bipolar Now


What We Are:

Bipolar Now is a podcast and website dedicated to bringing awareness to bipolar disorder via the art of storytelling.  We showcase interviews with individuals about their experiences with bipolar; the wonder and the horror, the ecstasy and the pain.  The complex, terrible beauty of living life through the lens of bipolar and how it affects their expressions and professions.

Our Mission:

We aim to bring awareness to the existence of bipolar disorder in all its forms, highlight the successes of those who have managed this disorder, and acknowledge the effects that this disorder has on the lives of everyday people.  Our mission includes reaching out to and acknowledging those who have it, those who love someone who has it, those who work in the bipolar field, and pretty much anyone else with a casual interest in how it all comes together.  Our hope is that with time, organization, passion and yes- funding, we will begin to live in a world where one person’s experience is another person’s salve; one person’s story is another person’s saving grace; and where one person’s honesty becomes another person’s understanding.

What We Are Not:

We are not a pure technical source of information about bipolar disorder; in fact, we may sometimes be the exact opposite.  Our information is drawn from qualitative experiences rather than quantifiable scientific methods.  We are not doctors, therapists, or gurus- we are, simply, advocates and storytellers.